Mountain Training Map

Mountain Training Map


Be ready to stand on top of the world, or a mountain, in 8 weeks! This training map is designed to prepare you for 1-4 day climbs and is adaptable to your starting fitness level. We suggest you complete at least one eight-week training cycle prior to your climb. If you are starting with a good foundation (you can comfortably do a three-hour hike) this program will progress you to accomplish a larger climb. If you start this plan without a lot of experience or training, you will want to add additional weeks to your training timeline. Simply scale back on the workouts and reduce the time recommended on the endurance days so you can build more gradually. This map is adaptable to any fitness level. Regressions are provided so that you can begin this plan and repeat it to build strength over time before your trip.

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  • Eight weeks of unique indoor and outdoor workouts that progress in difficulty.

  • Warmups and cooldowns provided for each day’s workout.

  • Three “benchmark” workouts on Day 1, Day 29, and Day 57 to test your progress.

  • A legend/key (like one on a map) to explain terrain/equipment contained within each workout.

  • Space for you to record time, reps, regressions used, and other notes.

  • A comprehensive exercise guide with written explanation of movements.

  • Videos of most movements linked here.

  • Link to our recommendations for (optional) equipment.

  • One endurance training hike per week.

  • Bonuses: Depending on your fitness level, there are optional bonuses included in some of the workouts. Add the bonuses when you feel ready or save them for the second cycle of the plan if you are training beyond the eight weeks.