We offer a variety of training plans that you can do in your own home, at a gym, or in the great outdoors!

We created the Online Training “maps” to make the style of movement we promote at POINT Gym and Kitchen accessible to a larger community. We believe in a universal approach to movement that encompasses a broad spectrum of styles and produces strength, agility, mobility, balance, speed, precision, adaptability, and longevity.

Maps are tools that point us in the right direction and show alternative routes to an end point. No matter your experience and starting point, you can tailor any one of our training maps to fit your needs. Each plan is adaptable to your current level of fitness and can be repeated as many times as you want, adding difficulty as you progress.


Each Training Map includes:

  • Unique workouts that progress in difficulty.

  • Warmups and cooldowns provided for each day’s workout.

  • “Benchmark” workouts to test your progress.

  • A legend/key (like one on a map) to explain terrain/equipment contained within each workout.

  • Space for you to record time, reps, regressions used, and other notes.

  • A comprehensive exercise guide with written explanation of movements.

  • Links to videos of most movements here.

  • Each map includes a list of equipment needed. Find our equipment recs here.

  • Bonuses: Depending on your fitness level there are optional bonuses included in some of the workouts. Add the bonuses when you feel ready or save them for the second cycle of the plan