5 Elements

The Five Elements of Dirty Health co. reflect that optimal health is multifaceted. We encourage a universal approach without fads, rules, dogma, or judgement. For each person one Element will feel more accessible. Choose your entry point and begin shifting your lifestyle toward a simpler, more balanced version of health.



Eat Dirty! Eating “dirty” promotes eating whole foods that are nutrient dense and properly prepared. Our Batch Cooking Guides all reflect these standards.

20180316_point_gym-7001 1.jpg


Dirty Movement! Dirty movement is the integration of all the movement in your life, which ideally is diverse, frequent, and fun! Our Training Maps all reflect these standards.



Get Dirty! Getting “dirty” means spending time outdoors every. single. day. Rain or shine. Hot or cold. Mud and DIRT!


Personal Care

Live Dirty! Live “dirty” by washing and caring for your home and your body with products whose ingredients are safer for you and the environment.



Be Dirty! Being “dirty” is the willingness and the striving to share the truth of all that you are, even when it is not “perfect” or “pretty” and allowing all others to do the same.