Dirty Movement is the integration of all the movement in your life, which ideally is diverse, frequent, and fun!

Diverse movement is the practice of moving in a variety of ways on a variety of terrains manipulating a variety of different objects.

Your physical fitness, ability, and adaptability is the sum of all your hours of movement, not just the time you allot for a “workout.” The more frequent and diverse your daily movement, the more capable you will become.   

Some of your movement should be fun! The more diverse and frequent your movement, the more opportunities you have to explore and create fun within your experience. We encourage you take time to find a type of movement you look forward to… something that brings you joy!


Modern society glorifies “progress” in the name of convenience. While we know we will never go back to the days of running down our food or scrubbing our laundry on washboards and that our thumbs now type out most conversations in our lives, we refuse to accept that movement is a thing of the past. We have left nearly all movement up to technology: machines that do our chores, warehouses full of food, cars with back-up cameras and self-closing trunks — all of these strip us of diverse and frequent movement opportunities. Evolutionarily, the human body is designed to be at work all day long: building shelter, hunting, gathering, creating warmth from the cold, with periods of rest interspersed throughout the day. Today, “work” often means sitting at a desk all day, physically resting. Society’s response to this is to isolate the physical “work” into a one-hour session at the gym or on a run a few days a week. You may not have to chase down your food anymore, but your body still has a biological need to move often and in all the ways you evolved to: through movement in all planes, all systems, and dynamic ranges.

Fitness devices attempt to solve this problem but what they often do is disconnect us from our innate movement intelligence. “Stand up each hour.” “Take 10,000 steps.” “Drink water now.” All of this technology reduces our movement to stats, steps, and zones. When this is the focus we are distracted from the joy of walking through the woods or training with our friends. The true human experience of movement is the ability to know how and when our bodies want and need to move. When we are present in our movement the connection to our body is heightened, we find the fun and purpose of moving, and we WANT to move more!

Don’t get us wrong: we believe intentional training is important, but the “fitness” industry contributes to this disconnectedness. Modern fitness trends prescribe the “right” ways and reasons to move your body:

“If you lift like this you will look like that.”
“Be skinny… Be strong… Strong is the new skinny!”
“Change who you are and you will be happy!”

The type of training you do should reflect the type of life you want to have, not the way you think you should look.

Our Training Maps are a stepping stone to reconnect with your inner movement intelligence. We incorporate diverse movement patterns into traditional-style workouts to make them easy to follow in the short term and empower you to be creative with your general life movement outside of training.

Overall, we believe that we owe it to ourselves and to our community to be capable humans. Movement fosters self confidence through physical competence.


  • Follow our 4- and 8-week Training Maps.

  • Take walking phone calls and/or meetings at work.

  • Get a standing station for your desk that you can also use seated on the floor.

  • Play with your kids... or play like a kid! Do what they do!

  • Park at the back of the lot. Better yet, walk to the grocery store and carry your groceries home.

  • Use your imagination and incorporate movement into all your “non-movement” times of day that aren’t specifically for rest.