1 Way to Create Community Daily (plus 6 tips on how to do it)


By Melissa Sher

Intentional time with people is harder and harder to come by. Everyone is busy. But it’s time to stop glorifying “busy” and start creating moments to genuinely connect with people we love. 

As an introvert, “community” conjures an image of large groups of people hanging out at intimidatingly busy bars until hours in the morning that I usually set my alarm to. This might actually sounds fun for you. That’s AWESOME - do it. For me, I have had to re-create what I want “community” and “connection” to mean. This is a liberty we at DHC hope you will take with all of our Elements. From the outside all 5 Elements can feel overwhelming to, “Go outside, Exercise, Eat, and Take care of yourself.” And now we want you to interact with your community on top of all that? Yes. Because the point we hope DHC makes to people is that our Elements don’t always have to take much, if any, extra time. When we stop framing things the way they might be commonly advertised or the way that the majority does them, we can start to own our own sense of self and form good habits that we are excited about.  

The one way I interact with my community on the daily is through dinner. Generally this means my wife and I stop whatever we are doing, put away our phones, put away our work, and eat dinner together at the table (unless we are having soup and then for whatever reason we eat that on the couch). This can create an intimate experience between two people or a group, a time of day I can get on board with and, if at home, I can be in sweatpants. Shared dinner regularly gives me a sense of connection to the people I love and I save enough energy so that I can, once in awhile, tag along with my wife (an extreme extrovert) on the bar experience detailed above. 

I didn’t realize that dinner together was such a rare thing to do until I started asking around. I heard a lot of “we like eating different things” or “we eat at different times” or “well, we eat while watching TV.” 

Here is a list of ways to spice up how you share a meal:

1. Everyone loves a potluck… Offer to host and then suggest to keep it going with each person in a group sharing the host responsibilities. 

2. Create a theme for a dinner club and meet once a month with a group of friends. 

3. Meet for Happy Hour with your work pals. Getting to know people outside of work can help your relationship in the office. 

4. Commit to cooking together with a partner or friend a couple nights a week if every night sounds like too much.  

5. Play “Around the World” and cook or go to a restaurant from a selected region of the world. 

6. Have a progressive dinner - Share a beverage at one friends house. Bike, walk, drive to the next friends house for an appetizer, move onto to another spot for a 1st course etc...

Dinner doesn’t have to be this daunting, time consuming thing. It can be leftovers, it can be breakfast for dinner (i.e. scrambled eggs), obviously it can be food from our Batch Cooking Guides! The point is - sometimes food is about the food and sometimes it’s about the people you’re eating it with.