How to Add Personal Care Into Your Daily Routine


By Melissa Sher

Like all the Elements of Dirty Health “Personal Care” is... personal. While Personal Care probably conjures visions of rose petals floating around you in a clawfoot tub as the sweet melodies of meditation-themed music play softly from the other room, it’s not always about that.

At DHC we look at Personal Care as how you take care of yourself and your environment. You owe it to yourself to tend to your mental, emotional, and physical needs, as well as ensure your surroundings - such as the products you use in your home and on your body -  support your health.

We don’t provide exact “how to’s” on any of our Elements because it would be a disservice to you -  we are all individuals. What equals personal care for me (a burrito eaten in the bathtub while watching “Friends” episodes on my computer propped precariously on the toilet) is not necessarily personal care for you.

Remember, this Element is the mind and body piece. For example, before you got into that bathtub, what did you use to clean it? Because, as Phoebe serenades you about smelly cats, any residual cleaner is seeping into your skin (the largest organ of your body, BTW). What detergent did you wash the robe that you gently suggested your roommate tumble dry for you while you were in the tub so that it would be warm and cozy for you when you got out?  

We are not saying that every single thing that touches your body needs to be organic, handmade, and licked by grass-fed kittens. But, the point we want to get across is that Personal Care is a combination of all the things you do for your body - yes, baths, if you’re into that, but also so much more.

This Element can seem overwhelming. But, all you need to do is pick the most manageable things to start with. This doesn’t have to mean any extra time spent doing something. It can be as simple as switching out products you’re already using: Check out the products we love here:

To help you get started with your own ideas I will give you the example of the three most important Personal Care items in my life:

  1. Having a non-work related project. As a business owner I could work 100% of the time on the business. While I love what I do, I start to resent it if it’s ALL I do. So, I am writing a book - scheduled to hit shelves sometime between 2020-2030 :). I am currently working with a coach and scheduling in 3 hours/week to write.

  2. Making my own laundry detergent. We talk a lot of being careful of the products we use on our bodies. I decided since clothes are on my body the most I prioritized making homemade detergent when I started my “homecare/homemade products journey”. Also, it is REALLY easy and cheap to do. Here is my recipe:

  • 1 cup washing soda

  • 1 cup borax

  • ½ cup baking soda

  • 1 bar grated castile soap

  • Optional: drops of essential oil (I don’t do this)

  • Blend it all up in food processor or blender.

  1. Alone time. I am going to say that again one more time for emphasis: ALONE TIME. If I don’t get this I become a hollow shell of myself that no one wants to be around anyway therefore ensuring I get said alone time. I used to try and fight through it thinking I was weak or something and not understanding that I was tired because my personality type starts losing energy as soon as I start talking. But now I know what I need and I ensure, for the well being of myself and those around me, that I take good care of this Element.

Now, you may not have resonated with any of my top three… because you might need three totally different things! The emphasis here is to dig a little deeper; think about what YOU personally need to thrive and start there. You don’t need to overhaul your whole skin care routine today but maybe you can replace one or two things. You don’t need to take up a hobby the minute you finish reading this blog, but maybe explore if you need a little variety in your life. And you certainly don’t need to start staring at walls just because I do. You might recharge by being in large groups. Think about what genuinely makes you feel good. If you are at a loss for what your top Personal Care items might be, imagine it’s your birthday. We often do something special for ourselves on our birthdays. What is that thing you do that day for yourself and how can you intentionally insert it more regularly into your life? We all deserve more than one good day a year.