Being “dirty” is the willingness and the striving to share the truth of all that you are, even when it is not “perfect” or “pretty” and allowing others to do the same.


Lasting and mutually beneficial relationships and community are built on the development and continuation of truth, trust, and a sense of belonging. None of us are perfect; there is no perfect! We are each beautifully complex, full of empathy and ego, seeking connection and self preservation, and within each of us there is both love and judgment. True depth and evolution within relationships and humanity come from the freedom and the bravery of being yourself, expressing your individuality, and from the collective honoring of each human being’s uniqueness.


  • Be honest with where you are emotionally with the people in your life.

  • Seek out opportunities to connect with the people who are serving you — at the grocery store, coffee shop, gas station.

  • Plan a yard work party in your neighborhood.

  • Spend time doing the other 4 Elements with your friends and family.

  • Ask for help. Give others the opportunity to support YOU!

  • Branch out and get to know people in communities outside your own: people who don’t look like you or have life experiences similar to yours.