Meet the dirty Health Co. Team

The Dirty Health Co. Team was founded by three women from different backgrounds, with different passions, who have all come to appreciate a dirtier way of life. We each gravitate toward some elements more than others and that is okay. That is natural! There does not exist a universal “right” way to eat, move, and live. But there is a best way for each individual person. We hope you can find inspiration from Dirty Health Co. to find your best way. Read our bios to see how each element comes into to play within each of our own individual lives.



My intuition over my lifetime has told me that there is no program or diet or way to live that is the “right” way, but I have certainly been persuaded by marketing, employers, and different fads along the way. Dirty Health Co. is the creation of what I’ve always known to be true: When we strip our lives of the natural elements that constitute humanity is exactly when we lose our humanity. Here is how I represent Dirty Health lin my life:

NUTRITION: Eat Dirty. I learned what “healthy” was in the 80’s and 90’s, when low-fat was KING. I became a vegetarian at 14 to protect animal welfare, not realizing I was compromising my own. While I might have been misguided, all this did give me the foundation to pursue my passion for health and become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. My stress about eating “the right way” went away when I started eating whole foods in balance and sourced in a way that does not create unnecessary suffering.

MOVEMENT: Move Dirty. When I became a trainer in 2003 I would “hide” my clients from the gym managers - they wanted us to train people using machines so they wouldn’t get injured. But only training in these linear patterns are exactly why people get injured, so I would stay on high alert as we trained in all planes of movement. This type of training is what gives us function - not just a focus on aesthetics - and is the platform of the gym I created with Melissa.

OUTDOORS: Get Dirty. I was a rough-and-tumble kid who loved to play outside in the dirt and trees. I have expanded casual play to more structured activities like backpacking, trail running, rafting, mountain climbing, and SUP. Enjoying the outdoors is one of the most restorative things we can do for our health and I prioritize getting outside daily.

PERSONAL CARE: Live Dirty. My friends have commented that I don’t have “real” hobbies but I argue that my hobby is taking care of myself. I find health fascinating and fun! I love movement, enjoy cooking and eating with friends and family, making DIY detergent, candles, lip balm, and cleaning products, reading new books related to the 5 Elements of Dirty Health... and getting enough sleep.

COMMUNITY: Be Dirty. Not that any one Element is more important than the others but having a supportive community certainly makes the other 4 easier. If there is one thing I have finally learned over the years it is to be authentically myself, to speak my truth, and to believe that I am strong, smart, capable, and worthy of love and friendship. Being real isn’t always easy, but it gets easier with practice and the result is people who are truly with ALL of you.

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I firmly believe that there is no one thing or one way that will bring us optimal health, happiness and wellbeing. No one diet, retreat, person, job, body, home, outdoor excursion, line of skin care products is the ultimate answer. I believe it is the constant exploration and combination of many experiences, people, places, practices, movements, environments and foods that create a balanced whole. Dirty Health Co. is a combination of 5 elements I feel are essential for every human, and believe that we should all have to right and freedom to participate in each one. These elements represents in my life:

NUTRITION: Eat Dirty. I grew up in the kitchen where I learned the love language of food. Eating foods that are properly prepared, nutrient dense, and come from or live close to the earth has always been a part of my life. This is due to my parents’ incredible influence. It was not until my adult life that I saw the difference between how I was raised and the food culture at large. This instilled in me a great desire to understand nutrition from an academic perspective and pursue a certification in Nutritional Therapy in order to help others find nutrition practices that support and nourish them.

MOVEMENT: Move Dirty. Frequent movement is essential to my wellbeing. I have dabbled in many “disciplines” of movement from Irish step dancing to triathlon and weight lifting, but I believe that frequency is more important than the category. It is my deep desire to inspire others to find joy in their movement, to feel safe and capable in their bodies, and to use their movement as a platform to explore themselves and the world.

OUTDOORS: Get Dirty. I was unbelievably fortunate to have a childhood full of dirt, tree tops, and mud puddles. The outdoors and all it offers are powerful sources of medicine for the human body, mind, and spirit. I feel the most balanced, whole, and cleansed after time spent outdoors.

PERSONAL CARE: Live Dirty. There are so many facets to self-care: from the words we speak to ourselves in our heads, to the products we put on our skin, to learning how to set our own boundaries. This element represents a constant intentional striving for me. To treat myself, my body, my time, my skin, my mind with the same respect and value I would wish for my best friend.

COMMUNITY: Be Dirty. I LOVE this element. I am a people-person through and through. I feel recharged and reinspired after spending time with others. I believe that anything done is enhanced when done with others.



For me, Dirty Health Co is a representation of what I’ve learned through my random wanderings over the past 30+ years. My path was not linear and I hope it never will be. I don’t want to reach a point where “that’s it, it’s done, this is what I do.” I aim to always explore, learn, and create. Here’s how each element of Dirty Health looks in my life.

NUTRITION: Eat Dirty. My nutrition journey started as a sea of egg whites as I learned how to feed myself in college. YUK. It became my mission to figure out how to eat healthy despite being poor. My findings were tested when I was opening a business, working a second job and on food stamps - it CAN be done. Later down the path, I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and, as God as my witness, I will never throw a yolk out again.

MOVEMENT: Move Dirty. After graduating Art School I studied to be a Personal Trainer. I wanted to help others get healthy in a way that wasn’t body-shaming, weight-loss focused, or limited to bicep curls. I worked at various studios until I met Kimberly, and in 2013 we opened POINT - a gym that focuses on inclusion, body positivity, competence, and community.

OUTDOORS: Get Dirty. I know you can’t pick a favorite kid, but if I could this one would be mine. After working as a trainer I took a break to be an outdoor (whitewater rafting, cycling, and hiking) guide. For me, the outdoors are my therapy and where I feel the most “at home.”

PERSONAL CARE: Live Dirty. I embrace feeling dirt on my skin and sweat on my face. Me and my water bill love the idea that I don’t have to shower every day. But when I do, I use products I made myself and am currently experimenting with other ones whose ingredients I recognize. I’m excited to share these with you!

COMMUNITY: Be Dirty. Y’all... relationships are where it’s at! I am a severe introvert and alone time is imperative for me to feel normal. But we all also need community. Finding people and places that nourish me and don’t deplete me - as well as realizing I don’t always have to say ‘yes’ - has been a huge breakthrough for me over the past few years.


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