Dirty Health Co.
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Dirty health co.
where “clean” is a dirty word


If you are tired of all the “rules” to follow and pressure to be “perfect” in traditional health and wellness paradigms, Dirty Health Co. is for you. Our mission is to be a comprehensive guide for real people in the real world seeking a manageable and enjoyable approach to health.

Dirty Health Co. is a lifestyle. It is a movement that embraces the messy, the raw, the real, the dirty. It is a call to action to reconnect with our lost instincts and pursue a path towards optimal health, which is rarely simple, curatable, or clean.

If you find “being healthy” overwhelming and hard to fIt into your day, dirty health co. Is For you. We give you quick and dirty strategies to integrate health into your daily routine. 

the five elements of dirty health co. are:

At Dirty Health Co. we stand up against the degradation of our health caused by modern “conveniences” that detach us from each other and our environment. Dirty Health is built through the exploration and development of our relationships, our movement, the foods we eat, the products we use, and the world around us. Follow the hashtag #dirtyhealth and join the revolution!

Nutrition. Movement. Outdoors. Personal Care. Community.
— -Dirty Health Co. Team